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Here’s some footage I shot for The CT School of Broadcasting with Ron Lindner and Jon Chamis at Up or On the Rocks in Hartford, CT.  That’s the Neon Trees and anything shot from the right side is my footage! Yay!!!! This is their hit song “Animal” and it’s been stuck in my head since this taping!!!

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A video I made about Avery’s Soda in New Britain, CT as part of a news show we at the CT School of Broadcasting made as our final in television.  It was my first time working with a camera so excuse the crappy quality.  Edited in Final Cut v. 6

Food Virgin: Episode 1 Ben and Jerry’s Late Night Snack Ice Cream

Soda Dare Bonus Episode 8: Quick review of Not See Kola!

SODA DARE: Episode 8 (Part 2) The 2005 Jones Soda Holiday Pack!

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Soda Dare Episode 8 (Part 1) Huge Special Guest Episode!

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New Show Idea!!! What do you guys think??