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Episode 15 of Soda Dare! I try a mixed Jones Soda, Jolly Rancher soda and a series of sodas called Joia

Special Episode of Soda Dare where I was on 1460 AM WIFI in New Jersey!

Soda Dare: Episode 9 where we try Orbitz, some more Jones Soda, and Bird’s Nest! (Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnn)

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SODA DARE: Episode 8 (Part 2) The 2005 Jones Soda Holiday Pack!

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Soda Dare Episode 8 (Part 1) Huge Special Guest Episode!

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Watch as my folks and I try the 2007 Jones Soda Dessert Pack and Butter Beer!

Me and my folks trying the 2006 Jones Soda Holiday Pack!

Me and my folks trying another Jones Soda Holiday Pack!

Small video featuring my awesome action figure collection as the special guest (I guess?) and me trying Jones Soda 2007 Dessert Pack. Spoiler Alert: Delicious!